HIV Event System


The Michigan Department of Community Health, Division of Health, Wellness, and Disease Control, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention Section (HAPIS) is a nationally recognized organization that exists to deliver quality HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs in the State of Michigan. HAPIS works in collaboration with various partner agencies including rural and urban public health representatives, AIDS service organizations, non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations. Services such as outreach, counseling, testing, referrals, and trainings are targeted to at-risk HIV populations in high need areas.

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Use the 'Request Counselor ID' button to obtain a new counselor ID or to re-active an existing ID. Your request will then be verified against certification data. HERR Grant monitors, CTR staff, and the HAPIS technical support are unable to assist in this process. For further support or questions, please contact the HAPIS Education, Training, and Resource Development Unit at 517-241-5900.

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